A remote monitoring system that provides consistent, calibrated daily uninterrupted surface vent data.

Definitive Data for Casing Monitoring / Well Intervention Strategy

Designed in a joint venture between Hifi Engineering Inc. and Doull Site Assessments Ltd. that began in 2011, the VentMeter™ (patents pending) provides remote, automated data that is unequalled in the industry.  Data, hardware and software answers are matched with extensive industry experience and technological expertise from DSA and Hifi to provide a winning combination for our clients looking for wellbore integrity information.

Thermal Monitoring Capabilities - Able to accurately measure vent flow from thermal production and injection wells, and conduct vent gas and condensed water sample collection for laboratory analysis.

Remote Satellite Monitoring – Satellite equipped units are available upon request for obtaining the same quality real-time time data from remote well locations.

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Make the most informed decision with controlled, verified data.  Well integrity interventions are very costly, so obtaining the best data possible gives assurance that your leak is stopped in a timely and cost effective manner.
VentMeter™ is CSA Class I Div. II rated.  VentMeter™ has failsafes to ensure the system never exceeds the allowed leakoff pressure gradient for the well.
VentMeter™ collects high fidelity flow data, detecting patterns and/or intermittent flow, not just providing an average flow rate over time.  It is incredibly accurate, being able to measure flow rates lower than any other system or meter in the industry, as low as mere mL/month.
Able to accurately measure gas and water vent flow data from surface casings of thermal production and injection wells.
The system can be operated remotely, opening or closing valves to switch to and stay in buildup mode until a stabilized pressure is reached, or until the user wishes to change modes.
All data collected is transmitted to secure servers where it can be accessed through an online user interface.
Users can access and view their VentMeter™ data from any web-enabled mobile device such as a smartphone, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad or tablet by going to on their device’s web browser.
Satellite units are available upon request for the same high quality, real-time time data on wells in remote locations.
This website dedicated to our fleet of hardware allows the VentMeter™ to be controlled by the client, wherever and whenever they choose.  Clients are provided with a username and password to log into the website in order to:
  • View the VentMeter(s) they have on the jobs
  • See live data as it happens
  • Control what the VentMeter™ is monitoring by changing modes
  • Create customized reports using all data from the job, or only a specific dataset job to highlight points of interest

Please click here to download the VentMeter™ datasheet.

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DSA has grown to be the leader in well integrity testing services.

We have achieved this by never forgetting our grass roots principles while developing and refining methods that have changed the landscape of how testing, monitoring, and sampling are performed.

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