Doull Site Assessments Ltd. provides many services, with the assistance of various technical partners, to clients in the energy and environmental sectors.

Gas Migration Testing / Monitoring / Sampling

Using a patent pending test method along with state of the art equipment, DSA can effectively identify any signs of gas migration.

Surface Casing Testing / Monitoring / Sampling

With the use of a variety of tools and test methods we are able to identify even the smallest and most intermittent levels of surface casing vent flow.

VentMeterâ„¢ Services

A remote monitoring system that provides consistent, calibrated daily uninterrupted surface vent data.

Urban Well Testing / Monitoring / Sampling

Trusted expertise and in-depth testing and reporting for abandoned wells located in a variety of urban locations, and near/under surface developments.

Oil Sands Well Integrity Testing

Over 20 years of experience servicing customers with well integrity and environmental issues unique to oilsands operations.

Wellbore Fluid Level Surveys

Reliable fluid shot test equipment offers accurate casing fluid level data.